Celtic Music Jam

There is a group of musicians in Otter Tail County who get together every month to play Celtic music. The venue they had been using closed, so the last 2 jam sessions were held at Tangles to Treasures in Fergus Falls. I helped Torri move furniture around to prepare for the January event. Due to bad weather and member travel plans, there were only a few people at the recent session, but it was a wonderful evening of music, fellowship and spinning.

The musicians take turns picking out something to play. The others may be figuring it out on the fly. There is casual conversation, and there are breaks for snacks and beverages.

Torri is spinning more yarn for a weaving project she is in the middle of, shown in the next photo. And noting that is not her biggest loom.

Wayne took video of the music and spinning.
Jam at Torri’s Tangles to Treasures

Following is a colorful photo of yarn for sale in the background at Tangles to Treasures http://www.tanglestotreasures.com/. The Racing Rabbit yarn is hand dyed by a woman living in the area. The baskets at the bottom of the photo have yarn that I spun. It is mostly wool, but some of the skeins include other types of fiber such as alpaca or bamboo. I dyed some of the fiber myself but most of it was already dyed before I blended it together for spinning.

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Hello. I am a recently retired empty nester. My husband and I moved to Jewett Lake in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, after living most of our lives in the Minneapolis area. I have no trouble keeping busy with knitting and spinning of wool, selling yarn and handmade goods, reading, walking, watching movies, surfing on the internet, traveling, doing bookkeeping for our family cabin, and spending time with family.

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