The Red Cottage

The Red Cottage is our family cabin built in 1923 by my Great Grandfather. My mom spent entire summers there during her childhood. I have stayed there for vacations almost every summer of my life. It is still in use as an extended family LLC. It is my happy place.

My mom self published a memoir in 2014 entitled “The Red Cottage” about her life growing up in a large family during the 1940s and 1950s. She did all of the writing but I helped a lot with getting the project from a mess of files on her computer to an actual book. “The Red Cottage” is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version.

“The Red Cottage” is also for sale at Victor Lundeens and the Otter Tail Historical Society in Fergus Falls.

The painting my mom did of the cottage in 1957. The cover art for the book came from this image.

A needlepoint of the Red Cottage I made in high school using a canvas my grandma painted.

Another painting my mom did in 1957 of a scene on the beach at the cottage. At that time there was a well house.

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