Frozen over sunset

Baby Socks

Last winter I knit a pair of socks for myself with a low cuff to wear with sneakers, using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern. There was quite a bit of yarn left, so later I started knitting a pair of baby socks. You never know when you might need a shower gift and theyContinue reading “Baby Socks”

New Adventures

Years ago when I was in the throes of parenting and working, I was envious of friends and acquaintances who were able to work out a break from normal life for an adventure that was completely outside the box. I dreamed about having an experience like that, but I did not know what I wantedContinue reading “New Adventures”

Cotton Scarf

I used to wear fashion scarves on a regular basis before covid, and before I retired from my job. I have a variety of scarves in wool, cotton, and other blends of fiber, in both flat and infinity styles, rectangular and triangular shaped. I wore them like some people wear jewelry to provide interest forContinue reading “Cotton Scarf”

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