Frozen over sunset

Silk Sari Yarn

I usually have several blog posts in draft mode, but sometimes none of them are ready when I want to publish two weeks after the last one, or the timing isn’t right for the topic, or I don’t want to publish about socks multiple times in a row. For example, last winter there was aContinue reading “Silk Sari Yarn”

Sneaker Socks

I am writing about socks again which is not as interesting as my last post about helping my mom with her memoir. I understand if you want to stop reading here! After completing the cable pattern socks over the winter that took two months to finish I wanted to use thicker yarn for my nextContinue reading “Sneaker Socks”


My mom abandoned her ceramic studio and started her writing career when she realized that my sister did not know where our mother had been born. Clay projects were left partially completed, with tools scattered on her work table. The kiln was never used again. From that day on all my mom’s energy was focusedContinue reading “Memoir”

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